Monday, September 19, 2011


It was my turn to take care of my granny's chicken this week. Not a chicken that u could easily afford in farmville. This was the real chicken. Big, fat chicken. I wondered what she ate to become that fat. Next afternoon, i got a lunch with my buddies.

Well, as a good granddaughter, i could not simply ignore that fat chicken. So, I brought her along.

Beautiful restaurant, but we had to eat outside. Pity to my chicken. The restaurant not allow any outside chickens, if not, it will become your marvelous lunch. Euwwww....

I ordered my favourite dish, chicken-based. Guess what? I never been eaten chicken for a week. Maybe this fat chicken boosted up my appetite. Nyum2!!!

I couldn't stop eating until my fat chicken made noise. I guessed she hungry. Certainly, I forgot to feed her. So, I took little pieces of chicken from my plate and gave it to my chicken. She didn't hesitate to eat the chicken.

Perhaps, my granny wouldn't know that her chicken had turned to be a cannibal. Haha!!

Credit to: Adam Zucker

p/s: Karangan apa yang aku buat ni? haish....

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Bro ahmad said... [Reply to comment]

ye ke hahaa..kita makan ayam macam mana ehh

Miss Lady Iena Nazir said... [Reply to comment]

ayam pon cannibal jugak eh? eh? hihihihi

sleeping_maniac90 said... [Reply to comment]

haha.. karangan bi gitu..
tgagap gak ak nk bca..
nmpk sgt da lma x prktis bi hehehee

M Fizan said... [Reply to comment]

haha..teruk2..kalau lar chicken tu tau dia makan ayam :D

Run Away said... [Reply to comment]

Sy suka mum ayam...hik...;d

teha said... [Reply to comment]

hahhaa ! jadik cannibal ? bole jugak gitu

cik pulau said... [Reply to comment]

rasa cam nak bukak kamus je baca ni.. hahha

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@Bro ahmad
err...ntah la! haha!

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@Miss Lady Iena Nazir
ikut keadaan kot.
kalau ayam tuh tak tau la..haha!

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

ni bi cikai2 je kot.
grammar pun ntah ke mana ntah. XP

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@M Fizan
kalau dia tau,mesti dia suruh tuan dia makan manusia pulak. haha!!

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@Run Away
mum ayam? mak ayam?

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

boleh kalau ayam tu tak tau. keh3!

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@cik pulau gua tak power kot.

iMBobo said... [Reply to comment]

haha chicken tu tahu tak die makan darah daging sendiri?hehe

Ticer Syah said... [Reply to comment]

cian.. ayam makan ayam.. kijam kijam.. kakakka

sergeant keroro said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha, lol XD

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

kalau dia tau,mesti dia rasa nak tukarkan tuan dia jadi kanibal gak.. XD

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@Ticer Syah
haha! kejam kan! XD

Anyyss Shuhaimi said... [Reply to comment]

@sergeant keroro
ada rasa nak wat camni tak? haha!

~Nana 귀여운~ said... [Reply to comment]

ayam kanibal? omaigodd....hahaha

Peto (nurul izzati) said... [Reply to comment]

OMG ! :O ahaa

RepublicAku said... [Reply to comment]

hari in baru tahu...keh3

shalina said... [Reply to comment]

hahahhaah ! cannibal . haha :D

Afiqa Dayana said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha, ayam makan ayam :P

Zul Fattah said... [Reply to comment]

haha.. hari2 aku macam ayam.. mampuih r aku kalau cam ni..?

Hanie_Dew said... [Reply to comment]

hah? betul ke ko bwk ayam tu kuar jalan jalan. tu nany ko nyer pet?.
nak tgk gmbar?

seram gak aku dgr ayam makan ayam ni.

Umi Asura Sanusi said... [Reply to comment]

aah, ayam memang selamba dekkk je makan ayam. telur ayam, ayam masak kari pon diaorang bedal.haha.

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